The 51 cards in your hands are the world’s ultimate to-do list. Put together by the UN, these Sustainable Development Goals are meant to lead us all out of the mess we’re in. Think of the SDGs as an updated version of the ten commandments: part what to do (or not to do), part moral compass. In straight-forward messages, they spur us on to end poverty, achieve gender equality, combat climate change and so on.

It’s a list that should be tacked to everybody’s wall, and especially to yours.

But the clients have the money, so they call the shots, no? No.

Brands need people like you because they can invent, produce, believe and develop all they want but without a strategy, design, imagery or the right words, they have little to show the world. Not only do you turn products and services into something people understand, you also know that people don’t live for functionality alone. People need beauty.

This deck of cards will help you convince your clients that with your creative mastermind, they can bend restrictions into a competitive advantage. That with your sense of aesthetics, taking care of people and the planet doesn’t kill the profit. Show the ladies and gentlemen that communication, copywriting and branding can do more than yell ‘new!’ and ‘improved recipe!’.

We need this planet to last. We need to clean up the mess we’re in. So let your work be as much about preservation as it is about creation. Use these cards to find examples of how playing by the rules doesn’t equal restriction. Quite the contrary. Always’ ‘Like a girl’ campaign started a world-wide revolution of women standing up for themselves. Tony’s Chocolonely are making not just their own, but all chocolate slave-free. And all of these ideas started in a meeting, around a table, with a creative speaking up.

This deck of cards is a research project by Inge Ferwerda and Dennis Blarinckx, made possible by Luca School of Arts.



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